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Daniel  grew up in Philadelphia and was introduced to street life at a young age. His mother’s death when he was 15 left him with no role models to turn to as he wrestled with depression and fell into drug use. After years of addiction and incarceration, Daniel decided to make a change and got clean. It was the best decision of his life because he would soon become a father. STRIVE inspired Daniel to overcome negative perceptions of himself and gave him the emotional tools and professional certifications to create a secure life for himself and his son. Daniel was hired as a member of the Office Services Team at Forrest Solutions Outsourcing, and has since been promoted. Employment has allowed him to find permanent housing and better child care for his son Antwane. He was recently recognized by his employer for his exemplary work ethic and hopes one day to start his own non-profit to benefit children with autism.


Shynice came to New York as a teenager. Shortly after she moved, both of Shynice’s parents passed away unexpectedly. Soon after that, Shynice had her first son, but did not have the financial means to support her family.

Shynice’s dream was to work in the healthcare field, but as the head of her household and the parent of a young child she had no time or means for a  college degree. A family member told her about STRIVE, and after sitting down and speaking with an intake staff member she enrolled in 2016. At STRIVE, she learned how to communicate effectively and support her peers as they worked towards success together. In the 6-week Health & Office Operations occupational skills training, she received eight certifications. She then completed an 8-week internship at ModernMD Urgent Care. She performed so well at her internship that, upon completing it in December 2016, she was hired permanently as a full-time Patient Care Coordinator.

Shynice says STRIVE taught her to be a better person by genuinely caring about her personally and professionally, helping her achieve her goals in a supportive and engaging environment. More importantly, Shynice is now able to plan for her son’s future. She says she does not worry about where they will live, or where her son will go to school. STRIVE, she says, “changed my life.”


STRIVE offers career advancement training through the MOVE UP program for those who have at least six months' experience in the construction or healthcare field. The training helps STRIVE graduates and others advance along a career pathway into higher-paying jobs.

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